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Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasaraようこそ! Tiny Heart Emoticon by Gasara

This is a group to support the Naruto Oc Mira Ryoumi
and to collect every art or information of Mira, her friends or family in one place

Mira Ryoumi is a Fancharakter made by wilnaah and was originally created for the Harry Potter fandom. The character exsists since 2009 and is mainly used as a Naruto OC since 2011. She has undergone major changes, especially in the early years. Mira is a background character in the anime/manga or books. She has one official story, but also a few AUs actually and appears in various fanfictions.

You can find a lot information about Mira, her Story and her relationships, here.
If you have any questions just send a note or ask wilnaah here: tumblr | or look at the asks on WilnaahsWeb

Please also visit WilnaahsWeb for more information.

I would be happy if you join/watch ♥

Rules & Info
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara all art of Mira, or which are related to Mira is allowed. (Family, Friends, Ryoumi Clan members + your OC)
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara please note, that I won't accept any anti art - not about my OC nor about other OCs/characters or parinings!
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara If you use bases or references, pleas note that in the description and leave a credit
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara you can always draw Mira and my other OCs, without asking me! ♥
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara don't forget to tag the art with #gaamira #gaaraxoc #miraryoumi
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara You don't need to ask for an affiliation, just send a request
Flashing Square Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara If you like these kind of couples, you may want to join Gaara-x-OC

thank you~







Mira Ryoumi | ミラ涼味

-- the bird of sand and cloud --

独立 & 居然

Gift - Mira stamp by ZombieChocolate Mira Stamp by wilnaah Mira stamp by Hirfael9

Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahAge Part I: 12-13 | Part II: 16
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahBirthdate: 16.02
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahHeight: 160 cm (part II)
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahWeight: 51 kg (part II)
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahBlood Type: A
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahAffiliation: pre Shippuuden: Kumogakure | Shippuuden: Sunagakure
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahClan: Ryoumi Clan
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahNinja Rank: Chūnin (part II)
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahAcademy Grad. Age: 12
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahChūnin Prom. Age: 15
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 1 by wilnaahJōnin: 28
Bullet | tiny Suna-Symbol - 2 by wilnaahElement Type: Water (水 – Suiton) and Wind (風 – Fuuton)

very curious | responsible | caring | loyal | brave | polite | good in explaining things | chatty | enthusiastic | stubborn | superstitious | bad liar | afraid from disputes | fears water | claustrophobic

Mira Ryoumi is a Kunoichi originally from Kumogakure, since she woke up in the hospital of Kumo when she was five years old. She couldn't remember where she actually comes from and who her real family is. For a very long time, Miras biggest goal was to find out who she really is and where she belongs. Though she found a new family in Kumo as Yugito Nii took her in. She was also the one who sealed Miras Kekkei Genkai away, to keep her save.

She worked as Ninja for Kumo until the age of 15, when Mira finally made it to become chuunin. Then she was recognized by her aunt from Sunagakure, and Mira could finally learn to know her real family, who lived in Suna. Mira finally knew her home. To learn more about her past and her family, she moved to her aunt and also met the young Kazekage Gaara. During the years she lived in Suna, she fell in love with Gaara and they became a couple and she also started as a teacher on the ninja academy. But it needed a lot of more time until she finally could find a place, she felt really like home.

What Mira wants the most is find a place, where she belongs and people who love her unconditionally. When she was a kid, she didn't know where she is from and who is her family, so it was her biggest goal to find that out. And in the end it turned different out than she thought...

do you ever felt like you just don't belong here?

-- I'm like a bird. I'll only fly away --

"Knowledge is freedom. It makes you break the limits and fly higher than a bird" - Mira

"I'm not afraid to fall" - Mira

"I never want to forget anything again!" - Mira

"Sometimes I wish I could control clouds like you can control sand" - Mira to Gaara

"I thought I belong here, but I don’t. I never did" - Mira to her aunt Miyuki

[Free] Feather by VK-PK Dreamcatcher :Free Icon: by NAUTILU5 [Free] Feather by VK-PK

-- I don't know where my soul is. I don't know where my home is --

"Loyal shinobi will always have a home" - Yugito to Mira

"You're not bounded. The ring is just a symbol. A symbol that shows that you belong to somewhere" - Shin to Mira

"I always thought you would need me. But you never did. You were always stronger than I thought" - Gaara to Mira

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